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Quick Links: Popehat,

August 7, 2012

I discovered Popehat when they guest-blogged at The Agitator last month, and they’ve written some great stuff recently, including Ken’s awesome take-down of ex-ballplayer John Rocker’s unbelievably ignorant op-ed over at WorldNutDaily. 

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m a reader. I started to teach myself to read when I was supposed to be napping. I read instead of interacting with my peers. I read to the exclusion of many other things I should have done. I read things I loved and things I hated. I read the words of the incomprehensibly brilliant and the words of drooling idiots. I’ve read YouTube comments. But I can say, with complete confidence, that I cannot recall reading anything so completely fucking stupid as that paragraph and its spew of cliches.” 

Fucking. Epic. 

I also enjoyed Ken’s rant about people complaining that censorship from companies like Twitter violates the First Amendment. It doesn’t, and people really need to understand why. 

And finally, a story about a father and daughter who were hassled by a cop after some idiot called 9-1-1 for a possible abduction. This kind of crap happens way too often, and while this wasn’t a great result, it’s often far worse. 

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