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A Rape Survivor’s Story , an anonymous guest-post at Dispatches from the Culture Wars

August 22, 2012

A Rape Survivor’s Story | Dispatches from the Culture Wars

A must-read. Three things really stand out for me. 

“A church leader called me in to have a meeting with him. I was barely able to tell him what happened. He told me, “girls like you shouldn’t go out at night like that.” I thought he was right. He made me repent. I repented for being violently raped. I repented for getting pregnant.”

“[W]hen it was discovered that I was pregnant, the police officer told my mother that I must be lying. “You can’t get pregnant from rape,” he told her. They dropped the case.”

The rape -> abortion debate is flawed and insulting, though, because it minimizes the issue of abortion altogether. It distracts us from important issues like body ownership, illness and fetal mortality. It ties down an entire social issue by focusing on a very small fraction of a topic that literally has the power to sway the entire political climate.”

Thanks to Ed Brayton, and to his anonymous friend, for posting that. 

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