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Pat Robertson’s Advice for Husband: Beat Your Wife Into Submission

September 18, 2012

Pat Robertson’s offers advice to a husband with a wife who doesn’t show him enough respect — beat her until she does. Poor Michael says that he’s lost his self confidence because his wife doesn’t show respect for him as head of the household, and she even insults him. 

Well hell, what else are you going to do if she refuses to talk through the problems. You just have to beat the crap out of her until she learns her place and respects your authoritah!

“This man’s got to stand up to her. And he can’t let her get away with this stuff. I don’t know. I don’t think we condone wife-beating these days, but something’s got to be done to make her–.”


And of course as stupid, hateful and dangerous as Pat’s advice was, since it was on YouTube, it paled in comparison to the shit in the comments. From a Bible-thumping lunatic, complete with teH cRaZY CAPITALIZATION:

Sorry Folks, But the LAW says it is…

It is ok, to do whatever , WHATEVER is 

necessary and proper to Maintain Domestic ( Tranquility ) Order!

So the Law backs the husband up, 

as LONG as his “actions” do NOT lead to death…

He can [do] WHATEVER it TAKES !

Sorry folks BUT THIS IS THE TRUE LAW of THIS land !

Soo, PAT !

You don’t have to move to Saudi Arabi [sic],

to enforce YOUR Rule of Law in YOUR home ! (jurisdiction)

Fuck that guy. Seriously. 

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