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Learning Something New

April 3, 2013

I really don’t want the decluttering to be the only thing I’ve written about today, but I really haven’t had time to do much else today. I could do that because I worked in the reserve room for about half the day, and since the students have a two-week class-free period, there wasn’t much happening in there today. I had to stay at the service desk, couldn’t do any other work, so cleaning up my iPod was a productive way to pass the time.

The other thing I spent some time doing today was listening to podcasts. In the car, while walking to and from work, etc., and I’m going to share one thing I learned today.  It’s from NPR’s Planet Money podcast (Episode 399, if you’re interested), and it has absolutely nothing to do with money. I mean, the episode is about patenting ways to cut and process meat (they interview the guy who invented Steak-umms and KFC popcorn chicken, among other things) and that has made him some money, but I’m not interested in the money. I’m interested in one of his patents–US Patent No. 5976585, or “Method of Making Hot Dog Based Food Product and Food Product Thereof”.  Basically, you slice a hot dog frank into 8 “wedge shaped” pieces (lengthwise), then you dip it into a batter made of flour and corn meal, then you deep fry it. You end up with a snack that’s a sort of cross between a french fry and a corn dog called “frank fries”.

I’m gonna get me some of that! Oh, remind me later to tell you about my weight-loss plan. I didn’t know it until today, but surely no fitness and nutrition plan is worth anything if there’s no room for a few frank fries. Amirite?

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