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Big List of Aussie Blogs – A

April 9, 2013
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a beautiful story – Sarah writes about hair, makeup, nails, skincare, etc.

A Big Life – Liv is an Aussie writer and English teacher, living in Germany.

A Bigger Brighter World – Marjorie Lewis-Jones is a Sydney-based writer and editor working in the publishing industry who blogs about books.

A Breast Cancer Journey – Bronwyn is a PR consultant in Queensland, blogging about her life after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

A Day In The Life Of Ana – Ana blogs about her life as a woman, wife and mother. She also has other blogs for cooking, books, music, etc.

A Dose of Dannie – Danielle Wallace blogs about her life in Melbourne. She’s a mother of three (one still at home) and carer for her husband, Dion, who suffers from bone cancer, adult autism/Asperger’s, and Parkinson’s-like symptoms.

A Heart Full of Frost – Jessica Frost blogs about her life, including marriage, infertility, crafts, and living gluten free.

A Little Nourishment – Melbourne blogger Kristy writes about food, health and nutrition.

A Little Space like Home – Mandy Ferry is a Melbourne-based mommy blogger.

A Parenting Life – Rhianna blogs about her family and her dreams of becoming a writer some day.

A Penguin a week – Karyn Reeves is a PhD student who reads and reviews a vintage Penguin paperback book every week.

A Pocket Full Of Posie – Cassie Hutchinson is a 22-year-old fashion design student in Melbourne, and blogs about fashion, vegan food, and whatever else takes her fancy.

A Prado, Patrol, 6 kids and Oz – Angie Elphic blogs about her family’s amazing adventures travelling around Australia for a year.

A Quick Succession of Busy Nothings – Kirsti is from Melbourne, is doing her Masters in librarianship, lived in Canberra for three years, and blogs about whatever the hell she feels like.

A Sydney Summer – Jo and her partner, Peter, write about and photograph their summer in Sydney. Fantastic!

A Teachable Moment – Brooke blogs about teaching kindergarten in Sydney.

A Thousand Dates – An anonymous woman blogs about her experiences with online dating.

A Welcoming Hearth – Melanie Graham blogs about her life as a woman, wife, and mother in Perth.

a*muze*ing – Kylie Clark shares her photography and stories of her family life on the Mornington Peninsula.

abLANkblog – Casey Trebilcock blogs about the importance of “purposeful health through the execution of creative, wholesome, modern and clean food.”

About a Bugg – Renee Bugg is a writer and freelance PR, communication and marketing professional who blogs about being the mother of a young girl with Asperger’s.

Actually Amy – Amy blogs primarily about parenting and crafting

Actuarial Eye – Jennifer Lang is a Sydney actuary who blogs about life, risk management, and reviews books. We have similar tastes in non-fiction.

Agent Mark Kelly – Mark is a former IT guy, AFP officer, and is now running his own real estate company on Moreton Bay, Qld. He blogs about leadership, personal growth, and real estate.

Agnes Samour – Agnes is a French expat living in Sydney. She’s a travel writer and photographer,

Alex White – Alex is a Melbourne-based campaign strategist (including several months for Obama for America in 2012) and author of several books on campaigning for unions.

All Things Vice – Eiley Ormsby is a Melbourne-based journalist who blogs about crime, drugs, online scams, etc.

Alpha Reader – Dannielle reviews books, mostly YA fiction. I don’t think I’d like to read many of the books she reviews, but I enjoy reading what she writes about them.

Always Josefa – Josefa is a Melbourne-based blogger who writes vividly and emotionally about her life as a wife and mother.

Alyce Vayle Author – Alyce Vayle is a copywriter, an author, and a blogger who writes about fashion, dieting and weight-loss, relationships, and more.

Amazing Adventures – Michelle blogs about her experiences as the parent of autistic children.

Amy and Trevor’s Blog – a British expat couple living in Canberra with their young children.

An Australian Wintour – Sydneysider Megan Aney blogs about fashion, beauty and travel.

An Idea on Tuesday – Niccola is an early childhood teacher who blogs about kid’s crafting.

An Italophile – Cathy Powell is an Aussie living in England blogging about her love for Italy.

And Sew We Craft – a group crafting blog created by Amy of “Actually Amy”

Anna Savanna – Anna is in corporate communications and writes a lifestyle blog about beauty, fashion, food, etc.

Annabel Smith – Author Anabel blogs about writing, reading, and interviews other

Anna’s Ceramics – Anna Ryland’s blog about her pottery

Annie Seaton – Romance author Annie lives on the north coast of New South Wales with her husband and their dog, blogging about her books and about her experiences with becoming a published author.

Apples Under My Bed – Heidi is a Melbourne-based dietician and blogs about food, cooking, travel, and more.

Araneus1  – Terry Barca is a former school teacher (among other things), lives in the hills outside Melbourne, and blogs about homeschooling, dogs, and more.

Arakadia Homestyle Food and Photography – Tarran’s blog includes lots of recipes and book reviews.

Art of Almost – Tom O’Connell blogs about writing, books, and other literary topics.

Arthritic Chick – A blog about living with arthritis.

Artuccino – Diane blogs about books, poetry, and other literary topics.

Ask Sarah – Surviving Life with Flair – Sarah blogs about food, makeup, and life.

At Gusto – Lots of good recipes, and some crafting, too.

Atypical Type A – Alicia blogs about home decorating and interior design.

AusAgventures – Adventures in Australian Agriculture – Stephanie Coombs publishes an open blog, inviting submissions on all topics related to Australian agriculture.

Aussie Owned and Read – a group blog featuring eight Aussie writers, blogging about the world of Young Adult and New Adult literature and publishing.

AussieReviews – Author Sally Murphy (and others, including guest bloggers) review Australian books.

Australian Women Writers Challenge – Elizabeth Lhuede publishes a group blog that discusses and promotes books written by Australian women.

Australia’s Few – Kristen Alexander’s Battle of Britain Blog – Kirsten and her husband own Alexander Fax Booksellers, specializing in military books in the Mawson shops. She is a member of the Battle of Britain Historical Society and the Aviation Historical Society of Australia, and blogs about Australians who fought in the Battle of Britain.

AusVotes2013 – a group blog managed by Dragonista, discussing politics, policy, elections, and more.

Author Rebecca Mugridge – Rebecca blogs about food, weight-loss, gardening, and more.

Autistic Children Blog – Sarah blogs about raising an autistic child.

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