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My Big List of Aussie Blogs

April 9, 2013
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About a week ago, I was asked to vote for the People’s Choice Award in the Sydney Writers’ Centre’s Best Australian Blogs 2013 competition. I’ve been an avid blog reader for over a decade, and I’m always on the lookout for new blogs to add to my feed reader, so instead of simply voting for a few of my favorites, I copied the whole list of 1000+ blogs.

And now I’m checking them out and putting together a list of them, with a short description. I don’t have every one of the nominated blogs. Some of them I couldn’t find (the voting form doesn’t include links), and some of them were SPAM farms or other things I don’t want on my list. I’m interested in real blogs written by real people.

I thought I’d get through the list fairly quickly. A letter of the alphabet each day. But over and over, I keep getting drawn in, reading posts, looking at some amazing photography, clicking links, until the next thing I know, I’ve been on the site for a half an hour, an hour, or even longer. So maybe this is going to take longer than I thought. But I’m having a great time doing it, so I guess it doesn’t really matter. And when I get to the end of the list, I’ll go back though and follow the links and the blogrolls and discover even more Aussie blogs, and add them to the list.

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