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Big List of Aussie Blogs – B

April 12, 2013
tags: , – Vanessa blogs about the joys and challenges of sole parenting, walking away from the party life, dealing with weight issues, depression, anxiety and more.

Baby Name Pondering – Brooke has been blogging about baby names for nearly a year.

baby space – Bron Bates blogs about kids, parenting, kids’ clothes and decorating children’s and baby’s rooms. – Elisabeth Wynhausen writes beautifully about the people and places in a neighborhood she so clearly loves, Sydney’s legendary Bondi.

BeaSpokeQuilts – Siobhan Rogers blogs about sewing and quilting.

Beautiful Coincidence – Jem shares some of her poetry and her uplifting messages of hope and happiness.

because writing is my vice – Lisa Wardle is an author who blogs about writing and reading, including book reviews and author interviews.

Beginners Guide to a Nervous Breakdown – Istina Mavet is a painter who blogs with honesty,bravery, and humour about her life as she deals with anxiety, depression, and insecurity.

Bell Night – Bell is a writer and avid reader who writes short bios about authors she likes.

Belle Amie, Mother of Three – Renee is a former Army sergeant, now SAHM and self-described “undomestic goddess” who blogs about parenting, food, fitness, and more.

Belle’s Bookshelf – Belle, not surprisingly, blogs about books. Including classic and contemporary fiction reviews, comparisons of books and their TV/movie adaptations, and even “bookish buys”–recommended literary- and book-related items (clothing, jewelry, home furnishings, etc.

Ben Pobjie’s Wonderful World of Objects – Ben is a writer, comedian, and mad Tweeter, but even though he’s a big-time, world-famous celebrity, he blogs like a real person, so I’m including his blog on the list.

benandwine – Ben blogs about wine in a way that might be meaningful to wine-lovers, but makes very little sense to me. I’m sure if I took his wine course, it would all become clear, but since it’s in Melbourne and I’m in Canberra, I don’t see it happening.

Big Curvy Love – Kelly Glover writes about fashion, fitness, health, beauty, sex, dating and relationships, and more, all from the perspective of a body-positive size-22 woman.

Big Picture Stuff – Twin sisters Val and Vess post their photos and their thoughts on life, love and art.

Bigwords – Bianca Wordley is an Adelaide-based writer who blogs about her life as a woman, wife and mother of three girls.

Billablog – Bill is an IT guy, podcaster, and musician who blogs about politics, music, and life in general.

Bille Greene and all things in between – Billy Greene shares her experiences as a wife, mother, and woman in her fifties, including “The Road to Truth” about finding, meeting, and building a relationship with her birth mother, Lucy.

Bitten by the Travel Bug – Nicole is 23, lives in Melbourne for half the year and in London the other half, and blogs passionately about her travels.

Blonde Ambition – a journalist and wanderer blogs about her life and adventures in Australia and around the world.

Blonde Ink Blondie is a Canberra-based blogger who writes about dating experiences (and now relationship experiences), local reviews, indigenous issues, and more.

Bloodgifted – Tima Maria, a first-time self-published author, blogs about writing, self-publishing, and more.

Blue Water Dreaming – Sarah and Ben blog about the adventures they’ve been living since deciding two years ago to radically change their lives, sell off everything, buy a boat, and live onboard.

Blunt Instrument I’m not sure about including author John Birmingham’s blog in this list, since it’s published on various newspaper (SMH, Courier-Mail, etc.) websites, but I enjoy reading it and his personal blog, Cheeseburger Gothic, so for now, at least, it’s on the list.

Bobby Dazzler’s Blog – Rob Brennan blogs about life and adventure in the Australian Outback.

Bondville – Steph Bond-Hutkin’s blog is all about Australian-designed products. Especially, but not limited to, kids’ clothing, home decor, gifts for mums and kids, and more.

Book Muster Down Under – Marcia is a South African expat living with her husband and two kids in Toowoomba, QLD. She writes book reviews and sometimes includes author interviews.

Book Thingo – Kat runs a group blog that is all about reading, reviewing, and discussing romance novels.

Book to the Future – Michelle lives in Western Sydney and writes book reviews using a very unique reading list–one book published each year of the 20th century, starting with The Wizard of Oz (1900) and working her way to the present.

Book’d Out – Shellyrae lives in a small country town where the librarians all know her by name, and do everything they can to help her feed her reading habit. She reads and reviews a new book almost every day.

Booklover Book Reviews – Brisbane-based Joanne reviews contemporary women’s lit, romance, mystery, thrillers, and more.

Boy Girl Modern World – Dr. Sheree Gregory writes about “some of the most vexed social, policy and public health issues of contemporary life”, including work/life balance, gender issues and more.

Bra Queen – Renee offers business advice/coaching for the lingerie industry, bra reviews, fitting advice, etc.

Bright Green Laces – Shereen is in Sydney and blogs about fashion.

Bright Side Up – Tasmanian Melissa Jane blogs about parenting, Tasmania, and the many things in her life that make her feel happy and grateful.

Brisbane Threads – a lifestyle blog focusing on Brisbane, with a focus on food, fashion, and health & beauty.

bub sweet and tears – Pip, of Melbourne, blogs about life as a working mum, health, fitness, and more.

Build House Home – this blog is loaded with fashion and home-decorating products and ideas.

Bump – Michelle began blogging about her John’s attempts to conceive through IVF, and now writes about their life with their children, Jack and Francesca.

Bush Babe of Oz – Amanda is a photographer and mother of two who blogs about her life in the Australian bush.

Bushwalking Blog – Neil blogs about bushwalking, mainly around Melbourne and in national parks throughout Victoria.

Busy Mama Bee – a mummyblog that deals specifically with parenting twins.

bytestories – Brendan, Luke, and Pieter invite bloggers from around the world to post short (200-250 word) stories that entertain, inform, and delight.

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