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Writing Regularly – The Blogging Hour

April 30, 2013

Wow, I am not good at writing and publishing daily blog posts. Which is weird, because I’m constantly making mental notes to myself about what I want to write about. And it’s not like I’m so crazy-busy that I don’t have time to write. I just…don’t.

Sometimes I start writing posts, but don’t quite finish them. I’ve got several unfinished draft posts waiting for more work. I’ve got vodka and rum Booze of the Week posts that I need to write and put up. I’d like to get back to working on the Big List of Aussie Blogs. And I want to talk about the books I’m reading, and the TV shows I’ve been watching, and about various political and cultural issues that have been bugging me. But, for some reason (or reasons), it doesn’t seem to be happening. I’m not getting the words out.

I’m thinking that I need to set aside a specific time for blogging. One hour a day that is reserved for writing. That might help me actually get it done, and also lessen the chance that when I am actually writing, I won’t be doing it at a time when I should be doing other things. Like getting the kids ready for school and getting myself ready for work. Like I’m doing right now.

I like the idea of doing it first thing in the morning, but that would mean getting up at, like, 5:30 and lately I’m been seriously dragging ass out of bed. I think it might be because I’m eating a lot of unhealthy crap, so maybe it’ll change after I start eating better (I’m starting today). But until then, I’ll do it at night. From 9:30 to 10:30 each night will be Wil’s Blogging Hour.

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