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More Podcast Subscriptions

May 2, 2013

Continuing my list of podcast subscriptions:


ABC Radio National’s Future Tense – Radio National is Australia’s version of NPR, except with government funding. It’s awesome, and I subscribe to several of their podcasts (and would listen to more if I had time). Future Tense is one of my favorites. I just finished listening to an episode about interstellar space travel, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Planet Money – and speaking of NPR, this is another one of my favorite podcasts. It’s short (under 20 minutes, and half that for me because I listen to them at double speed), full of interesting and useful information, and entertaining.

360documentaries – another Radio National podcast that covers a lot of interesting topics. I pick and choose which episodes I download and listen to, but there are plenty of good ones to choose from.

Decode DC – news and politics and I can’t remember how I heard about it. One show every couple of weeks, and they’re always interesting. Andrea Seabrook quit her job at NRP to start her own podcast. That story is here, and it’s awesome.

Citizen Radio – I’ve been listening to CR for several years now, after tuning in to hear their interviews with Rachel Maddow, Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, etc. They don’t do many of those sorts of interviews these days, and I’m not really part of their demographic (young, vegan, punk rock hipster, Occupy Wall Street, hard-core ultra-progressive, etc.) but I think they’re doing a good job reaching that market, and even though I don’t listen as often as I used to, I still enjoy it when I do.

The List – yet another Radio National podcast, this one focusing on pop culture, media, technology, and more. Another show that’s relatively short (24 minutes) and reasonably info-dense. And again, it’s not one that I can’t wait to listen to, but I like having at least a few downloaded and ready to go, for whenever I’m in the mood.

Al Jazeera English – Inside Story – I don’t listen to every episode, but I like to at least check out what they’re talking about. I like that they cover world news from a totally different perspective compared to North American, Australian, or British news.

OK, that’s still not the full list, but it’s bedtime again. I’ll try to finish it up next time.

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