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TV Night With the Kids

May 3, 2013

As exciting as it would be to read yet another post cataloguing my podcast subscriptions, it just isn’t going to happen tonight. The Blogging Hour from 9:30 to 10:30 pm has gotten off to a shaky start (it’s been more like 10 to 11), and I totally failed to take into account weekend nights, when I’m more likely to be involved in various family activities.

Tonight was a TV night, so instead of blogging, I’ve been watching TV with the kids. The boys and I have a couple of shows that we watch together, the first being Arrow and the second being SyFy’s new series, Defiance. We’re also watching Revolution, but we didn’t watch it tonight because Karen watches it too, and she was out tonight. Of the three, Arrow is by far our favourite, but we’re trying hard to like Revolution, and giving Defiance a chance, although it seems to be off to a slow start.

I am probably watching more TV than I’ve watched since I was a kid. I’m watching Game of Thrones and Mad Men, waiting on True Blood, Falling Skies and Breaking Bad to come back, plus catching up on all sorts of shows that I never got into when they were still going. I watched the first season of 30 Rock, I’m still trying to catch up on Parks and Rec, and I’m up to season 5 of The Office.

I also watch Warehouse 13, I’m trying to get into Vikings (only watched a couple of episodes, but I’m liking it so far), and I occasionally watch episodes of Treme and Boardwalk Empire. And just last week I started watching Firefly, which I have never watched.

And I’ve started watching Doctor Who. I never really understood what the big deal was, but I don’t think I’d ever watched a complete episode before. Then I caught the first episode of the latest series (Series 7, Eleventh Doctor), and enjoyed it enough that I wanted to watch more. I watched the next few episodes, and enjoyed those as well, but still felt the whole show was in a sort of “take it or leave it” category, until I watched The Angels Take Manhattan. That one hooked me. So now I’ve stopped watching the current series, and gone back to start at the beginning of Series 5, with the arrival of the current (11th) Doctor. And I’ll probably go back and watch the 9th and 10th Doctors as well, and probably Torchwood, too.

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