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I Am a Podcast Junkie

May 1, 2013

podcastI admit it. Actually, I’m an infojunkie, and podcasts are just one of the many, many ways I overconsume. According to my iPod, I currently subscribe to 27 podcasts and have 430 downloaded but unplayed. That’s 292 hours and 16 minutes. But hey, I play them at double speed, so I can get through them in just 146 hours. That’s just 6 days of listening non-stop. Oh, plus however many hours of new podcasts that will download over the course of those 6 days. Call it a week, and I’ll be all caught up. In other words, I have more podcasts than I’m ever going to be able to listen to. And yes, I just added a new subscription today.

I’m going to cull my subscriptions. Soon. Honest. But I know that I’ll add more. Hell, I may even go back and re-subscribe to ones I drop. It wouldn’t be the first time.

Mostly, I listen to news and politics. Here’s my current subscription list:

The Rachel Maddow Show (audio) – my favorite podcast because I think Rachel Maddow Show is, hands-down, the best thing on cable news.

The Bob and Chez Show – liberal news and commentary. I’ve been listening since it was the Bob and Elvis show, and while I like Chez a lot, I miss Elvis.

CATO Daily Podcast – this is the one I subscribed to tonight. I was trying to find a right-wing/conservative podcast that wasn’t completely ridiculous, and libertarian was as close as I could get.

The Professional Left Podcast – I just subscribed this week, and I like it (half left-leaning political commentary, half sci-fi trivia) but I’m not sure I’ll keep listening.

Bitch Radio – I went looking for another feminist podcast after Amanda Marcotte and Samhita Mukhopadhyay stopped doing their Opinionated show, and found Bitch Radio. It’s ok, but not really what I was looking for. I’ll probably drop it once I find a replacement.

KRCW’s Left, Right & Center – last time I went looking for non-ridiculous conservative political commentary, this was as close as I could get. I enjoy it enough when I’m listening, but I don’t get excited waiting for a new episode to download.

This Week in Blackness – found this one through Best of the Left. I like it because it’s funny and it provides news and views I’d otherwise miss, but it’s long, and maybe not info-dense enough to stay in my regular lineup.

On the Media – I enjoy the media analysis, but I don’t listen to every episode, and even though it’s a weekly show, I’ve got a couple months of unplayed episodes to catch up on.

Okay, that’s not the whole list, but it’s after 11:00, and I’m tired. I’ll try to post the rest of my podcast subscription list soon. And if anybody’s got any suggestions, especially for a non-ridiculous right-wing/conservative podcast, please put ’em in the comments.

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